Blind Repairs

Blind repair

Window dressing gives your interior a marvelous appearance. Window blinds are one of the most popular window’s dressing. No doubt, it gives windows an appealing look. Blinds have different levels of aesthetic beauty. These are also very easy to install and provides great light control. People prefer wood blinds, faux wood blinds, and vertical blinds the most. These are robust and last long. We offer new blinds of excellent quality, which keep your house beautiful for years. However, due to improper handling it can become worn or get damaged. Broken slats and malfunctioning tilt mechanism is not a big problem. Just give us a call, our experienced team will reach to you soon.
Our professionally trained team has tools and skills that restore your window blinds without any hassle. We have a huge collection of replacement parts, including slats of different color, textures, tilt mechanism, lift cords, headrails and replacement wands. Our specialists carry these while servicing your blinds. It assures quick restoration and a hassle free service. We make sure that your favorite window blinds last longer and you don’t need to think about its replacement now and then.

Shutter Repair

Plantation shutters offer an elegant and classy look to your house. These window blinds are made of high quality wood or composite material and last for many years. However, due to heavy use, the staples can be missing and the moving components may get worn. When louvers loosen or fall off the shutters couldn’t work as expected. With proper tools and experience, our specialists can wipe out your worries sooner than you expect. If your blinds require louvers, blades and hinges replacement, don’t hesitate to call us. We make sure that the replaced parts look excellent with your shutter design. That’s why we keep a wide array of collection.

Shade Repair

Beauty is in simplicity that’s what your window shades say. We offer elegant shades of versatile color, fabric, and texture that are designed to fit your home décor perfectly. Our shades are irresistible and also durable, but these are not resistant to technical problems. If any difficulties occur in your window shades no need to think about the replacement. We are here to repair it within reasonable rates. Our technicians are expert in headrail replacement, broken pin replacement, and restringing. When your shades require us, don’t forget to give us a call.



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